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Attractions in Bled, Slovenia

Friday, 21. January 2011 von admin

Bled is not as well known as other cities in what was once known as Eastern Europe – Prague, Budapest and Bucharest – which is a shame as it has a lot to offer. The biggest attraction is the spectacular castle, located on an island in the center of Lake Bled, surrounded by the beautiful Julian Alps and dating from the 11th century. The castle comes complete with a moat and drawbridge and can be reached by canoe or gondola. It’s difficult not to imagine yourself in a child’s fairy tale, or back in the Middle Ages. There are plenty of other attractions in Bled. Horseback riding, golf and fishing are all available; and any visitor should not miss a trip to the Mary Pilgrimage Assumption Church. This picturesque church has given rise to several local customs, including carrying your bridegroom up its 99 steps to ensure proseperity; and ringing the church bell for good luck. The surrounding mountains are spectacular and should not be missed. Slovenis’a only National Park is Triglav (from the local word for three headed) and offers miles of hiking trails through unspoiled wilderness. The area’s highest mountain, Mt. Triglav is located in the park and was once thought to be the home of a Slavic god. Today, the mountain is a symbol of this relatively young but fascinating country and is well worth a visit. Slovenia may not be the obvious choice for your next vacation, but this fascinating country has a lot to offer any visitor.


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