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Burglar Alarms Systems Zones and Modules

Friday, 13. May 2011 von admin

“Zone”– This is simply a way of seperating the devices (motion sensor, door sensor, etc.) that are attached to your gsm alarm system panel.  If your front door is attached to zone 1 for example, every time that door is opened the “zone 1” light on the keypad will light up.  In addition, if your gsm alarm systemis set off by “zone 1”, the monitoring station will know it was the front door that caused the gsm alarm system.  Some alarm companies will combine devices on one zone (eg a door and motion sensor in the same room) if they run out of zones to attach devices to.  While this is not recommended, it is pretty standard practice in the industry. Most gsm alarm system  panels start with 6-8 zones, but some can be expanded. See for more details. 


“Expand, Expandable, Expansion Module”– An expandable alarm system is one that starts out with a fixed number of “zones”, but can be easily expanded to a system with many more “zones” by adding an “expansion module” to the panel.  In this way, you can instantly give your alarm system the capability of holding more devices (motion sensors, doors, etc) at a relatively low cost.  Most systems start out as 6 or 8 zones, and can be expanded in increments of 8. Not all makes and models of gsm alarm system panels have this capability, and it is a feature usually used in commercial or industrial applications.If you think you might be adding an addition to your home or business in the future, be sure your alarm panel has this capability, as most basic alarm systems do not.

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Gsm Alarm System How It Works?

Friday, 13. May 2011 von admin

A security gsm alarm system consists of a control panel which functions as a central computer, receiving messages from a number of sensors that act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the system.


If the gsm alarm system is ‘armed’ and a signal is received by the panel it automatically dials an AMC via a built-in telephone communicator.  A trained operator then dispatches a security patrol or alerts the appropriate authorities.

Keypads located near common entry doors allow you to control the system.  A number of products make up a system and generally include:

•    Magnetic contacts to protect doors and windows that open
•    Glassbreak sensors to protect windows and glass doors
•    Motion sensors to detect movement within a defined area
•    Panic switches that can be manually operated
•    Sirens and sounders to sound an alarm in your home
•    Smoke detectors to detect smoke and fire

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Ljubljana Castle, Prešeren Square, Park Tivoli, The Ljubljanica River

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

The Ljubljanica River flows through the city, its banks lined with promenades, cafés and small shops. Ljubljana Castle is the main attraction for visitors to the city. Prešeren Square is at the very heart of the city both historically and spiritually. Look out for the dragon motif throughout the city.

Old town, on the eastern side of Ljubljanica River and bellow the Ljubljana Castle has the city hall, monuments, and well-preserved old buildings and churches. Downtown Ljubljana is full of trendy cafes and high-quality restaurants. If you feel like visiting museums, we recommend Architecture Museum of Ljubljana, National Gallery, Slovenian Museum of Natural History or National Museum for example.


Few tips on what not to overlook while visiting Piran

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

City walls

You can admire seven preserved city gates which once were entrances to the city. 


They represent the architectural masterpiece what gives Piran an additional note of exclusiveness. Most gorgeous are: Town Hall, Loggia, Venetian House and Tartini House.

Aquarium and Marine Biology Station

As Piran was throughout its history linked to the sea, there as a matter of course evolved the two institutions, which were studying the sea and the life within. These are the Marine Biology Station and Aquarium.

Piran Museums

You can have a sneak overview of Piran reach history in:
Maritime museum “Sergej Mašera”

  • St. George Cathedral & Museum
  • The Church of St. Peter
  • St. Francis Church & Museum
  • Salt works museum
  • Tona`s house
  • Forma viva Portorož

After adventurous day you definitely should take a chance and sip your favorite drink while enjoying sunset that only Piran can serve you.


Five star Bohinj Park ECO Hotel

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

Close your eyes and try to imagine a large clear blue natural glacier lake surrounded by verdant slopes looking up to alpine meadows and the towering snow-clad peaks of the Julian Alps and you have a picture of north-western Slovenia‘s gloriously beautiful Bohinj Valley. Welcoming you to this gorgeous valley are numerous charming and well-equipped hotels, pensions, rooms and apartments.


Five star Bohinj Park ECO Hotel is a unique synergy of exceptional comfort, environmentally aware architectural blueprint and its mind blowing location. Bohinj Park ECO Hotel was awarded as most efficient enterprise and Boštjan Čokl, its owner, recieved the flattering title of Energy Manager of the Year

Valentine’s Day Slovenia

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

Locals enjoy Valentine’s Day Slovenia style by beginning the first day of work in the fields. Tradition says that plants begin to grow on the middle day of February.

Before Chaucer wrote his “Parliament of Foules” no one had associated the holiday with love. While commercialism may be re rooting tradition internationally, it will not change the long honored celebration of the culture.


Holiday Homes and Apartments

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

Until recent years, most people would never have thought of Slovenia as an ideal holiday destination holiday. For guests who want to enjoy a cozy apartment after a long day of skiing in the famous resort, Kranjska Gora, or for guests who would like to enjoy a summer vacation along Lake Bled, Slovenia has something for everyone.

Kranjska Gora

Located way up in the Julian Alps, it is the ideal location where families can enjoy downhill skiing, alpine skiing, ice climbing, cross country skiing, sledding and other exciting winter activities. Because it is such a popular spot, many exquisite holiday homes and apartments are located near this resort.


In the winter, ice skating is popular on Lake Bled.


Best Terme in Slovenia

Wednesday, 04. May 2011 von admin

Slovenia has many spas where one may enjoy the medicinal qualities and relaxation that a hot spring, called Terme, can provide. Here are some excellent spots to visit for that unique Terme experience, which has been around in Slovenia since the 1100s.

Terme Snovic

 These are not the only thermal water, tourist facilities in Terme Slovenia



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