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Selecting Ljubljana Hotels

Wednesday, 29. February 2012 von admin

If you looking past through the city of Ljubljana you will find that those Ljubljana hotels should be suitable for your vacation trip in Ljubljana. Located in the central Slovenia, Ljubljana is the largest and also the capital city of Slovenia. It is popular in the vacation since it has several historical buildings in it. You can also find it pretty quiet compared to other capital city in other European countries, it is also what makes it popular for tourist who search for something quiet for them to get away from their daily busy life.

Antiq Palace Hotel

Looking for Good Ljubljana Hotels

If you are looking for Ljubljana hotels be sure to do some research on Ljubljana hotels as you will need a good place to rest while you are on vacation in Ljubljana. Choosing Ljubljana hotels that suits your need isn’t really hard, although some research through internet will be enough once you found the right site that give honest reviews about Ljubljana hotels. In this case I suggest you to take a look at Antiq Palace Hotel. It is a widely popular Ljubljana hotels that you would love, there are a lot of positive reviews too in the internet. Just search for reviews about this hotel and you will found a lot of positive reviews. The main advantage of the boutique hotel compared to other Ljubljana hotels is because Antiq Palace Hotel has very beautiful interior. It was built in 16th century as residence for Ljubljana nobility, so it must be very beautiful. They also did a good job maintaining the classic side of the hotel so you still can see the old 16th century interior inside the hotel. Another popular advantage of this hotel is it location. This hotel is locate in the central Ljubljana, that would be a big advantages compared to other Ljubljana hotels as if you choose Ljubljana hotels that located in the center of the city it would help you if you want to travel to famous tourist attractions in Ljubljana as most of them are located in central Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Hotels Facilities

Choosing Ljubljana hotels also need some research about the facility, especially if you are a businessman looking for Ljubljana hotels for place of your business trip in Ljubljana. In that case I also would reccomend that you looks for Antiq Palace Hotel. It has sucha n amazing business facility including several meeting rooms equipped with telephony, faxing, copying, printing services and also equipped with high speed internet access. Ljubljana hotels would also require you to take some consideration about what of the Ljubljana hotels that you prefer. Choosing Ljubljana hotels will not be as hard as you think as with the popularity of internet, you can find dozen websites of Ljubljana hotels that you can choose.

7 reasons to stay in H2O Hostel

Tuesday, 28. February 2012 von admin

Ljubljana Slovenia is a wonderland full of natural and historical attractions, little heart of Europe which has a bit of everything. This epic landscape has a little bit of sea, a little bit of Alps, some unique caves, lakes, valleys, castles, museums and monuments. So who wouldn’t like to visit it? If you are one of the potential visitors we believe you are looking for the best and cheapest solution. H2O Hostel Ljubljana is exactly what you’re looking for and with all the advantages it’s the best place to stay. So here are some reasons why you should choose H2O Hostel to stay in.


Ljubljana is not just the capital city of Slovenia but also the biggest one. Just like elsewhere this capital city is the cultural, economic and social center of the country. What is more the location is perfect. H2O Hostel is just beside the river Ljubljanica and 5 minutes away by foot from Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljan Castle

Private rooms

Private rooms are what make H20 Hostel different from others Ljubljana Hostels in Slovenia. So, if you travel alone or as a couple, you can book a single or two-bed room.

Newly built lodging

H2O Hostel Ljubljana is renovated building so it is all new, clean and shiny. One of our primary ideas is to follow the new era of hostels. Therefor we are offering you rooms with comfortable new beds, closets, tables, Wi-Fi, TV in the common room, some computers with access to the Internet, laundry and kitchen.

Organized sightseeing and tours

We are offering free Ljubljana tour from May to October and for additional payment you may visit Adrenalin Park, caves, Alps, go rafting and much more.

postojnska cave


Rent-a-car or bike is also an option here. We even organize transportation to Bled, Piran and airports.


There is no doubt you can find us anywhere. H2O Hostel is at your service on our Web-page, forum, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Skype, StumbleUpon, phone and of course you can visit us in Ljubljana without previous booking, but in this case free room is no guaranteed.


Last but not least, our prices are from 13 EUR per person per night, so maybe this one will make you decide.

Baggage preparing tips for a backpacker

Monday, 27. February 2012 von admin

Packing a backpack is an art and every one does it their own way. It is important to decide what is necessary and what you can leave at home. Remember that the capacity of a backpack is much smaller than a suitcase, so you should take only what is needed.  If prices in your country are higher than in Slovenia it’s better to buy some stuff here so there is no need to carry things all the way from home. So let’s see what you should take with you.


1. You don’t have to take too many clothes and shoes otherwise you will regret it. All you need is a few pair of pants or jeans, some shorts, about 4 or 5 t-shirts, underwear and socks. If you go to Slovenia you should also take a swimming suit (there is a lot of places you can go swimming), a sweater and a jacket in case of bad weather. As for shoes, 2-3 pairs-is an absolute maximum (comfortable ones, open ones and nice ones).

2. Even if you are perfectly healthy you should always carry basic medications with you such as: painkillers, antibiotics, antipyretics, insecticides, alcohol wipes, elastic bandage and so on.

3. It’s nice of you to take souvenirs from your country to share them with your new friends you will make on your way.

4. All the small things- don’t forget to bring toiletries, glue, compact umbrella, sunglasses, wipes, pocket knife, compass, guide books, flashlight, towel, passport photos, copy of your passport in case you lose it, notebook etc.

And finally, one more piece of advice: you don’t need to take everything. If you have all those things written here in your backpack, you took too much. The best way is to make your own list by following this tips and decide what you need and what is important for you. In case you are going to stay in Ljubljana Hostels, Slovenia remember- we are socialized so you don’t need much.



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