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Indoor ski slopes

Thursday, 20. September 2012 von admin

Indoor skiingEven though it’s summer, the hot, sunny days, when it is almost impossible to breath because of the high temperatures, one can very quickly start to dream about winter, snow and of course skiing. So maybe instead of laying on the beach you can travel to several different countries that offer indoor skiing. These resorts are located in very interesting parts of the world and have contributed to the growing popularity of indoor skiing.

Skiing in the summer

Indoor skiing is most popular during the summer, when Ā»normalĀ« skiing is not possible. Going to an indoor ski resort can be a very delightful trip since these resorts not only offer the best experience of indoor skiing but also involve many other activities that will ensure you have a great day.

Ski Dubai

One of these ski resorts that specialize in indoor skiing is Ski Dubai which is not just a magnificent indoor skiing resort but also one of the largest shopping malls there is! There are 5 runs, which vary in difficulty from a black run to beginner slopes, a Freestyle Zone and a Snow Park. And since they provide a rent service, it is not even necessary to bring your own ski equipment.

Snowfun Park

The Snowfun Park is one of the largest indoor skiing resorts in Europe. It is located just 30 minutes east of Hamburg and 90 minutes north of Berlin. The main slope is 330m long and 80m wide and it offer plenty activities to ensure a great family holiday or trip.


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