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Enjoy The City In Comfort

Thursday, 18. October 2012 von admin

When you head off on vacation, finding accommodation is going to be one of the main concerns. Those who are traveling with a family will want to find somewhere that is comfortable, safe and affordable. Those heading away on a weekend may be on the hunt for something a little more affordable. Whatever your desire may be, make sure to keep an eye out for a good hotel in Ljubljana which can give you the very best service. Heading off to this city may cause a little anxiety for some, however.


Despite its many attractions, English speakers may be confused about the local language. Language is no barrier when it comes to tourism in Ljubljana. A lot of the staff in most of the hotels will be able to speak English. All you need to do is phone them up and make an inquiry about the price of rooms. Many hotels will have a range of different services on offer to their customers as well. Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa or a fitness center to keep yourself in shape, you will find it here. If you happen to have any disabled people traveling with you, make sure to ask about facilities. This way, you will be able to determine the right hotel for you and your family.

Always look for good quality when you head off on vacation. There is nothing better than having a comfortable nest to return to after exploring the sites and delights of this city.

Ski fitness at home

Monday, 01. October 2012 von admin

Ski fitnessSki fitness consists of exercises that can do wonders for you body not only for preparing you for the ski season but also by helping you be fit and ready for the summer. So choosing the right skiing exercise is vital to enjoying a season full of great skiing. Skiing is a very demanding sport which utilizes nearly every muscle in your body.  But there are still certain muscles that are utilized more when skiing down the slopes, and should be given more attention in you ski fitness program. If you are consistent in doing the right exercises for these muscles, they will significantly improve your form, degree of control, power and safe on the slopes. Here are some of the best exercises to include in your ski fitness.

Ski Jumps

While skiing, the part of your body that is pressured the most is your knees. So it is very important that you include knee exercises in you ski fitness. The best exercise is ski jumps which means that you put your feet together, continue with bending your knees and conclude with jumping to one side. You repeat this procedure several times and it should always be a part of your ski fitness routine.

One-legged Squats

These squats are one of the best exercises because they both strengthen your legs and increase your balance. This ski fitness exercise includes standing  straight on one leg, with the other leg bent at the knee.  Bend your knee like you would if you were about to sit down without reaching a fully seated position, then pause briefly and return to standing. Not only with this ski fitness exercise strengthen you muscles, it will also help you with your balance.


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