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Why You Need Consistent Ski Exercise

Monday, 24. December 2012 von admin

If you have not developed a ski exercise program, you should strongly consider doing so. Most sports that don’t necessarily go all year usually involve consistent training. Even though skiing has a relatively short season, you should still train for it. There are a few reasons why.

Injury Prevention

Skiing is great in a fitness sense because it is essentially a full body workout. Think about your day. Chances are that you do not work your entire body like you do when you are skiing. Even being moderately active means some muscles will be skipped over. Weak and inflexible muscles can easily become injured. All it takes is a small sprain or strain to ruin your ski holiday. These injuries can take weeks to heal, which eliminates a good chunk of your season. By keeping your muscles strong and flexible, these injuries can be avoided.


Increased Endurance

Skiing is a lot of work. If you are not used to that kind of exercise, you might tire out physically before you are mentally ready to do so. More endurance means additional time on the slopes. Most people plan on spending the entire day skiing. But if it has been months since you exercised, after just a few hours your legs will start to feel worn out and wobbly. This is when injuries are most likely to happen. Build your cardio so you can truly enjoy a day of skiing.


Effective Training

The movement used in skiing is unlike anything else. You do not work the same way by jogging, cycling, or even doing total body exercises. People who are serious about skiing choose programs and exercise equipment specific to the sport. An example is the Ski Simulator. This machine replicates the exact movement you use out on the slopes.


Ski exercise needs to be done all season. You will prevent injury and build your endurance, both of which make your hobby far more enjoyable. Consider adding specified workouts and exercise equipment to your training program.

Quality Accomodation And Great Sites In Ljubljana

Sunday, 23. December 2012 von admin

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The city of Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia and is the capital city as well. This city is located right in the center of this small European country. Here in the capital, visitors and tourists can receive quality, first class accommodation at local hotel Ljubljana Slovenia. There are good quality hotels here where international visitors, locals and all other guests can receive accommodation. Good quality accommodation comes with the standard luxury, comforts and relaxation found in hotels across the world. These include air conditioning, comfortable furniture, luxurious rooms, lounges, saunas, gymnasium and lots of others.


There is plenty to see here within the city of Ljubljana. Apart from the wonderful hotel Ljubljana Slovenia accommodation, there are nice things to see and plenty of places to go. The country of Slovenia is quite diverse. There is plenty for tourists to see and enjoy. In fact visitors will have a chance to enjoy lots of different sights just a short distance from their hotel Ljubljana Slovenia accommodation.

The Ljubljana Castle is a great place to visit. Any visitor to the city should make a point of coming to this castle. There is a tower on the castle with amazing views of the surrounding country. A large funicular allows amazing view of distant locations, providing an amazing experience to the visitors. Another great location is Presernov Trg.

This is the center of the city and it features great architecture and lots of fine aesthetic buildings. There is a nice blend of ancient and modern architecture and lots of amazing structures, fine buildings and public forums. There are the Old Town, The Center District and a Public Square. There is a statue at the center of the square which is a popular with the public. There are also plenty of nice little restaurants and eating joints.

Premiere Destination: Hotel Ljubljana Slovenia

Sunday, 16. December 2012 von admin

Normal 0 21 false false false SL X-NONE X-NONE Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, a small country and a member of the European Union. In order to appreciate the beauty of Ljubljana there is a need to introduce the geographical location of Slovenia in relation to other more familiar destinations. For example, Slovenia is at the crossroads of some of the major European trade routes. The country is bordered by Italy to the West, Hungary to the Northeast, Austria to the North, and Croatia to the South. Slovenia is a beautiful country because of famous geographical landmarks that converge on the territory such as the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Carpathian Basin. One can just imagine the view from the capital.

Ljubljana is a picturesque city where the alpine and karst landscapes meet and provide a nice backdrop for photographers, sightseers, painters, and nature lovers to enjoy. The rustic charm of ancient houses, traditional restaurants, village churches and medieval castles is made more pleasant by the hospitality of the local inhabitants.


For sports enthusiasts there is a world-class ski center located in the Kamnik Alps. For amateur historians there is also the oldest dairy herdsmen settlement in Europe. For spelunkers there are numerous subterranean caves to explore. For hikers and adventurers there is the mysterious forest of the Polhov Gradec. For those who just want to have a good time, there is nothing that could excite a jaded traveler more than an old castle located on a hill. For those who want a non-conventional travel tour try the Ljubljana Marshes, an area known for rare animal and plant species.

There are various activities that can be had at Ljubljana and surrounding municipalities because of the diversity of the culture and landscape. But after a hectic day of fun and adventure it is best to rest at a premiere destination for sophisticated travelers called Hotel Ljubljana Slovenia.

Hotel In Ljubljana: Enjoy A Memorable Winter Experience

Monday, 10. December 2012 von admin

If you want to spend this winter in Ljubljana in fashion, you would find no dearth of luxury accommodations in this beautiful capital city of Slovenia. There is many a luxury hotel in Ljubljana that will ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay for you. Located at the heart of pristine country and close to Adriatic Sea, the place has traditionally been a popular haunt of winter tourists. The provincial charm and warmth of the Ljubljana Christmas celebrations certainly unfold a different experience of winter for big city dwellers.

Many of the luxury hotels are located at the city center and are housed in antique Art Nouveau style buildings. Though complete with all the modern amenities, the hotels thus also exude an old world charm that you will come to cherish. Most of these hotels are complete with sauna and massage parlors, fitness centers, in-house restaurants and bars and other items of high living. Internet and wi-fi options are common and in some of the high-end hotels the business rooms will be provided with additional facilities like fax machine, large desk, copy and printing machines etc.

Antiq Palace Hotel is one such place that features all articles of comfortable living. The hotel boasts of, among other things, three different kinds of sauna, a state-of-the-art health club, a message parlor, a dedicated executive business centre, two lounge bars and a number of relaxation lounges. 

Ljubljana is a perfect place to spend your Christmas. The city generally has light snow during Christmas and comes alive with a festive atmosphere unique to the place. There are colorful Christmas lights all around and the bars and the restaurants will be full with lively crowds. You will find two main festive markets in Ljubljana during winter time. The official Christmas market lines along the Ljubljanica River at the center of the town. The other, the St. Nicholas Fair is set up on Prešernov Trg and continues from 3rd to 6th December.


Tips When Looking For Luxury Accommodation In Ljubljana

Friday, 07. December 2012 von admin

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If you are planning to go Ljubljana, whether for vacation or a business trip, there are things that you need to put on your A-list. Aside from thinking of the spots to tour within the day, choosing a place that would make you feel safe and comfortable is quite important. There are dozens of hotels in Ljubljana, which can make it really difficult for a first time traveler to take a pick. The hotels are hygienic, the food is sumptuous and the people very warm. On the other hand, you need to choose a hotel that matches your standards from over 60 hotels in Ljubljana. In order to make the right choice of accommodation, there are some factors to consider.

You may want to begin your list with your needs. Plan ahead which part of the city you’ll be going to most of the time and which places you want to explore. If you have certain places in mind where you want to spend more time, getting a hotel that is located in that area will be the best for you. It will be best to do some research about the city especially when it comes to their means of transportation so you would know if you will need to get car hire or any touring services. The winter beauty of Ljubljana has always captured the attention of visitors so it would be good if you would know ahead of time what tour packages are available at the heart of Slovenia.

Another thing that may want to consider is your budget when looking for a luxury hotel in Ljubljana. The rates vary on the different services provided by these hotels. You can find luxury suites with reliable Internet connection, spas and other amenities that are according to your financial plan. You can inquire from the hotel’s front desk or customer care line if you plan to book for a suite where you can smoke, where you can see the sunrise or just about any special type of room that you have in mind. Always ask for a confirmation email or a reference code in case you have closed a special deal with the hotel staff to ensure they give you that service when you arrive.


Enjoy Indoor Skiing Year Round

Monday, 03. December 2012 von admin

You do not always have to be at the slopes to get a workout. You can enjoy indoor skiing and train for your next big ski trip from the comfort of your own home. The Pro Ski Simulator allows you to practice your ski techniques conveniently.


You can learn how to ski faster with this product. You can also condition your body to prevent injuries on the slope. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just a beginner, this ski simulator can help you to be the best you can be at this sport.


This machine can help you to stay fit and in shape. You can work out your entire body in a fun and exciting way. This machine is a wonderful choice for everyone in your family. Children and adults can appreciate this unique exercising machine.


Indoor skiing is becoming more and more popular. By using the Pro Ski Simulator, you can enjoy the feeling of skiing from home while working on your balance and reflexes. You will be able to build your endurance with repeated use of this machine. That means that the next time you visit the slopes, you will be able to ski better and for a longer amount of time. Enjoy using the Pro Ski Simulator as often as you want.



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