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Get In Shape With A Ski Simulator

Tuesday, 17. September 2013 von admin

If you’ve ever skied before, you know how well it can work you out. Skiing involves virtually every muscle in your body. It strengthens your core as you use it to balance yourself. Skiing also works your calf, glutes and thighs into quick shape. Overall, it is a great cardio workout and burns calories quickly.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hit the slopes whenever you wanted? For most of us, it’s not possible. With the Pro-Ski Simulator, you can get the same ski exercises that you get on the slopes in the privacy of your home. You can improve your form and tone your muscles. You can improve your skill level without the risk of injury. Best of all, the simulators are compact and do not require extra equipment.
The Pro-Ski Simulator offers three different choices; basic, standard and professional.
The basic simulator is great for those who want the benefits of ski exercises. With six different levels of intensity, anyone can use it. From beginners to advanced skiers, the basic will give your body a full cardio workout. This one is perfect for families, children can learn to ski and adults can hone their skills.

The standard simulator is upgraded with a computer screen that monitors your workouts. Perfect for those who want the workout but also want to improve their skiing skills. The computer will notify the user of incorrect positions and help further their ski training. User can also track their training progress over a period of time.

The professional simulator is unlike any other ski machine. Built for professional skiers, it comes with a platform that perfectly imitates the slopes. Those who are in ski training for a future race, will greatly benefit from this. Using this simulator will also cut down on injuries.


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