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4 Benefits of Digital Advertising

Friday, 06. January 2017 von admin

Advances in technology and easy access to the Internet have made it easy for consumers to access a wide range of web-based services, buy goods, book flights, and make holiday reservations. This has made the Internet a global platform where businesses can meet consumers. Here are four benefits of digital advertising.

Reach Billions of Consumers

Every day, billions of consumers spread across the world use the Internet to consume diverse types of digital content (text, image, audio, video, virtual reality, augmented reality). While these people consume digital content, they form a captive audience that brands can reach. Facebook alone has a digital footprint of close to two billion web users. Businesses that shun this audience end up losing leads and revenue to competitors.


Advertising on digital platforms is significantly cheaper than marketing via traditional media channels such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. This is because digital media agencies pass on the benefits of low operational costs to their clients. As such, a study by the Pew Research Center found that traditional media players including newspapers and TV stations have been experiencing a significant downturn in ad revenue over the last few years. These traditional media houses are losing revenue to digital ad agencies that have made marketing goods and services online very cheap.

Boost Business Leads

Businesses that leverage web technology to reach consumers experience a substantial boost in business leads. However, your business will not enjoy this benefit if you have do not have a digital marketing strategy. In fact, a study carried out by Nielsen found that every dollar spent on digital advertising translates to roughly three dollars in incremental sales.


Digital advertising is more customizable than traditional advertising thereby enabling businesses to customize their ad offerings to suit the unique preferences of each target audience. Moreover, digital ad campaigns can be monitored in real-time meaning they can be tweaked to suit varying responses from the target audience.


Digital advertising is important because it is affordable, can boost sales leads, offers great personalization flexibility, and enables businesses of all sizes to reach global audiences. Popular web marketing channels include email, social media, and content aggregators.



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