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Baggage preparing tips for a backpacker

Packing a backpack is an art and every one does it their own way. It is important to decide what is necessary and what you can leave at home. Remember that the capacity of a backpack is much smaller than a suitcase, so you should take only what is needed.  If prices in your country are higher than in Slovenia it’s better to buy some stuff here so there is no need to carry things all the way from home. So let’s see what you should take with you.


1. You don’t have to take too many clothes and shoes otherwise you will regret it. All you need is a few pair of pants or jeans, some shorts, about 4 or 5 t-shirts, underwear and socks. If you go to Slovenia you should also take a swimming suit (there is a lot of places you can go swimming), a sweater and a jacket in case of bad weather. As for shoes, 2-3 pairs-is an absolute maximum (comfortable ones, open ones and nice ones).

2. Even if you are perfectly healthy you should always carry basic medications with you such as: painkillers, antibiotics, antipyretics, insecticides, alcohol wipes, elastic bandage and so on.

3. It’s nice of you to take souvenirs from your country to share them with your new friends you will make on your way.

4. All the small things- don’t forget to bring toiletries, glue, compact umbrella, sunglasses, wipes, pocket knife, compass, guide books, flashlight, towel, passport photos, copy of your passport in case you lose it, notebook etc.

And finally, one more piece of advice: you don’t need to take everything. If you have all those things written here in your backpack, you took too much. The best way is to make your own list by following this tips and decide what you need and what is important for you. In case you are going to stay in Ljubljana Hostels, Slovenia remember- we are socialized so you don’t need much.


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