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Burglar Alarms Systems Zones and Modules

“Zone”– This is simply a way of seperating the devices (motion sensor, door sensor, etc.) that are attached to your gsm alarm system panel.  If your front door is attached to zone 1 for example, every time that door is opened the “zone 1” light on the keypad will light up.  In addition, if your gsm alarm systemis set off by “zone 1”, the monitoring station will know it was the front door that caused the gsm alarm system.  Some alarm companies will combine devices on one zone (eg a door and motion sensor in the same room) if they run out of zones to attach devices to.  While this is not recommended, it is pretty standard practice in the industry. Most gsm alarm system  panels start with 6-8 zones, but some can be expanded. See for more details. 


“Expand, Expandable, Expansion Module”– An expandable alarm system is one that starts out with a fixed number of “zones”, but can be easily expanded to a system with many more “zones” by adding an “expansion module” to the panel.  In this way, you can instantly give your alarm system the capability of holding more devices (motion sensors, doors, etc) at a relatively low cost.  Most systems start out as 6 or 8 zones, and can be expanded in increments of 8. Not all makes and models of gsm alarm system panels have this capability, and it is a feature usually used in commercial or industrial applications.If you think you might be adding an addition to your home or business in the future, be sure your alarm panel has this capability, as most basic alarm systems do not.

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