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Enjoy Indoor Skiing Year Round

Monday, 03. December 2012 von admin

You do not always have to be at the slopes to get a workout. You can enjoy indoor skiing and train for your next big ski trip from the comfort of your own home. The Pro Ski Simulator allows you to practice your ski techniques conveniently.


You can learn how to ski faster with this product. You can also condition your body to prevent injuries on the slope. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just a beginner, this ski simulator can help you to be the best you can be at this sport.


This machine can help you to stay fit and in shape. You can work out your entire body in a fun and exciting way. This machine is a wonderful choice for everyone in your family. Children and adults can appreciate this unique exercising machine.


Indoor skiing is becoming more and more popular. By using the Pro Ski Simulator, you can enjoy the feeling of skiing from home while working on your balance and reflexes. You will be able to build your endurance with repeated use of this machine. That means that the next time you visit the slopes, you will be able to ski better and for a longer amount of time. Enjoy using the Pro Ski Simulator as often as you want.


Ski fitness at home

Monday, 01. October 2012 von admin

Ski fitnessSki fitness consists of exercises that can do wonders for you body not only for preparing you for the ski season but also by helping you be fit and ready for the summer. So choosing the right skiing exercise is vital to enjoying a season full of great skiing. Skiing is a very demanding sport which utilizes nearly every muscle in your body.  But there are still certain muscles that are utilized more when skiing down the slopes, and should be given more attention in you ski fitness program. If you are consistent in doing the right exercises for these muscles, they will significantly improve your form, degree of control, power and safe on the slopes. Here are some of the best exercises to include in your ski fitness.

Ski Jumps

While skiing, the part of your body that is pressured the most is your knees. So it is very important that you include knee exercises in you ski fitness. The best exercise is ski jumps which means that you put your feet together, continue with bending your knees and conclude with jumping to one side. You repeat this procedure several times and it should always be a part of your ski fitness routine.

One-legged Squats

These squats are one of the best exercises because they both strengthen your legs and increase your balance. This ski fitness exercise includes standing  straight on one leg, with the other leg bent at the knee.  Bend your knee like you would if you were about to sit down without reaching a fully seated position, then pause briefly and return to standing. Not only with this ski fitness exercise strengthen you muscles, it will also help you with your balance.


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