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Ski simulator for improving your ski technique

Wednesday, 19. February 2014 von admin

Sound ski technique is very essential for any skier who wants to improve his/her skiing ability. Skiing, just as any other sport, requires good grounding in the fundamentals to achieve your peak performance. In most cases, you will require to let your instincts take over, however, before letting your instincts take over, you will need to ensure that you are in the right position to max on your ability and that is where having good ski techniques come handy.

By not taking time to learn, it is possible to remain as a beginner or amateur throughout your skiing career. Ski techniques such as carving and turning are some of the most crucial techniques for any skier. Using a pro ski simulator would be a great way to learn such ski techniques. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or professional getting a ski simulator would be a great choice for you.

At you can find a ski-training machine that will be very helpful in learning most essential ski techniques. For instance, a standard ski simulator would be ideal in learning carving and rotation. What features does a standard ski simulator come with? Well! These simulators come with foot pedals that are essential for the double movements (carving and rotation), the simulator cart where you stand during your workout and standard hand holders as well as elastic ropes that are adjustable.

Although the standard ski simulator provides the same workout as the basic simulator, it is preferred for more experienced skiers. When looking for ski simulators it is important to make several considerations. But most importantly, you need to consider the features that come with the ski simulator. Ski simulator features tend to vary from ski equipment to the other and the level of the skier.

There are technical specifications that also need to be considered. However, when it comes to technical specifications, it is advisable to consult with a professional. This is because, technical specifications tend to give more details of the ski simulator you are looking for. Perhaps would be ideal for not only getting the professional advice but also a ski training machine that will be ideal for your specific needs.

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Master Skiing Using a Ski Training Machine

Thursday, 16. January 2014 von admin

Ski training is essential for both expert and novice skiers. Nothing feels better that hitting the slopes with family or friends and enjoying the fun and exhilaration of skiing. Before embarking on a skiing vacation or a ski tournament for professionals, one should undergo adequate fitness training and workouts that tone and strengthen the skiing muscles. One of the best training techniques involves using a ski training machine.
Advantages of a Ski Training Machine:
1. One can train at any time of the day, any season, and in any location, whether at home or in a training facility.
2. It is easier and safer to learn skiing using a ski machine that it is at learn on the actual ski slopes.
3. Ski training machines allow people to perfect their skiing techniques easily. The machines makes it easier for people to learn about their perfect balancing spot, weight placement, and best posture, which in turn make them better skiers.
4. Both professional skiers and learners can exercise using ski training machines.
5. It is cheaper to train using the ski machine than it is to hire an expert trainer.
There are different types of ski training machines in the market. The two most common types are the downhill ski machines, and the cross–country ski machines. The downhill ski machines simulate the downhill skiing movements, which improve balance and strengthen leg muscles. On the other hand, the cross–country ski machines involve rhythmic, large muscle movements that provide excellent aerobic exercises, and build upper and lower body strength.
In addition to strengthening and toning the muscles; improving balance and weight movement, and increasing the skiing skill level, a ski training machine offers a low–impact form of exercise that is easy on the joints.

Get In Shape With A Ski Simulator

Tuesday, 17. September 2013 von admin

If you’ve ever skied before, you know how well it can work you out. Skiing involves virtually every muscle in your body. It strengthens your core as you use it to balance yourself. Skiing also works your calf, glutes and thighs into quick shape. Overall, it is a great cardio workout and burns calories quickly.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hit the slopes whenever you wanted? For most of us, it’s not possible. With the Pro-Ski Simulator, you can get the same ski exercises that you get on the slopes in the privacy of your home. You can improve your form and tone your muscles. You can improve your skill level without the risk of injury. Best of all, the simulators are compact and do not require extra equipment.
The Pro-Ski Simulator offers three different choices; basic, standard and professional.
The basic simulator is great for those who want the benefits of ski exercises. With six different levels of intensity, anyone can use it. From beginners to advanced skiers, the basic will give your body a full cardio workout. This one is perfect for families, children can learn to ski and adults can hone their skills.

The standard simulator is upgraded with a computer screen that monitors your workouts. Perfect for those who want the workout but also want to improve their skiing skills. The computer will notify the user of incorrect positions and help further their ski training. User can also track their training progress over a period of time.

The professional simulator is unlike any other ski machine. Built for professional skiers, it comes with a platform that perfectly imitates the slopes. Those who are in ski training for a future race, will greatly benefit from this. Using this simulator will also cut down on injuries.

The Parallel Turn

Thursday, 02. May 2013 von admin

Ski tehniqueThe ski parallel turn is one of the basic parts of a good ski technique. The ski parallel turn is a method for turning which rolls the ski onto one edge, allowing it to bend into an arc. When the ski is turned like this, it allows it to follow the turn without sliding.

Earlier techniques
The ski parallel technique meant a contrast to earlier techniques. One of these techniques was the stem Christie. This technique meant that the ski slides outward from the body to generate sideways force. In contrast, the ski parallel turn generates much less friction but on the other hand, the ski parallel turn is more efficient in maintaining speed and also in minimizing skier effort. By the second half of the 1960s it rapidly replaced stemming for all but very short-radius turns. The evolution of shaped skis in the 1990s advanced the carving turn to preeminence. In these days the ski parallel turns are taught to novice skiers the effect of weighting and unweighting their skis.

What’s in a turn?
In order to execute the ski parallel turn, the skier’s lower leg needs solid contact to the ski to rotate it on-edge. In the early beginnings of the ski parallel turns, this was hard to achieve because of the poor ski equipment which limited the technique to the high performance realm of racing. But after the composite skis, metal edges, reasonable clamping bindings and stiff plastic boots, ski parallel turns were available even with the beginner equipment.

Enjoy Indoor Skiing Year Round

Monday, 03. December 2012 von admin

You do not always have to be at the slopes to get a workout. You can enjoy indoor skiing and train for your next big ski trip from the comfort of your own home. The Pro Ski Simulator allows you to practice your ski techniques conveniently.


You can learn how to ski faster with this product. You can also condition your body to prevent injuries on the slope. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just a beginner, this ski simulator can help you to be the best you can be at this sport.


This machine can help you to stay fit and in shape. You can work out your entire body in a fun and exciting way. This machine is a wonderful choice for everyone in your family. Children and adults can appreciate this unique exercising machine.


Indoor skiing is becoming more and more popular. By using the Pro Ski Simulator, you can enjoy the feeling of skiing from home while working on your balance and reflexes. You will be able to build your endurance with repeated use of this machine. That means that the next time you visit the slopes, you will be able to ski better and for a longer amount of time. Enjoy using the Pro Ski Simulator as often as you want.


Ski fitness at home

Monday, 01. October 2012 von admin

Ski fitnessSki fitness consists of exercises that can do wonders for you body not only for preparing you for the ski season but also by helping you be fit and ready for the summer. So choosing the right skiing exercise is vital to enjoying a season full of great skiing. Skiing is a very demanding sport which utilizes nearly every muscle in your body.  But there are still certain muscles that are utilized more when skiing down the slopes, and should be given more attention in you ski fitness program. If you are consistent in doing the right exercises for these muscles, they will significantly improve your form, degree of control, power and safe on the slopes. Here are some of the best exercises to include in your ski fitness.

Ski Jumps

While skiing, the part of your body that is pressured the most is your knees. So it is very important that you include knee exercises in you ski fitness. The best exercise is ski jumps which means that you put your feet together, continue with bending your knees and conclude with jumping to one side. You repeat this procedure several times and it should always be a part of your ski fitness routine.

One-legged Squats

These squats are one of the best exercises because they both strengthen your legs and increase your balance. This ski fitness exercise includes standing  straight on one leg, with the other leg bent at the knee.  Bend your knee like you would if you were about to sit down without reaching a fully seated position, then pause briefly and return to standing. Not only with this ski fitness exercise strengthen you muscles, it will also help you with your balance.

Indoor ski slopes

Thursday, 20. September 2012 von admin

Indoor skiingEven though it’s summer, the hot, sunny days, when it is almost impossible to breath because of the high temperatures, one can very quickly start to dream about winter, snow and of course skiing. So maybe instead of laying on the beach you can travel to several different countries that offer indoor skiing. These resorts are located in very interesting parts of the world and have contributed to the growing popularity of indoor skiing.

Skiing in the summer

Indoor skiing is most popular during the summer, when »normal« skiing is not possible. Going to an indoor ski resort can be a very delightful trip since these resorts not only offer the best experience of indoor skiing but also involve many other activities that will ensure you have a great day.

Ski Dubai

One of these ski resorts that specialize in indoor skiing is Ski Dubai which is not just a magnificent indoor skiing resort but also one of the largest shopping malls there is! There are 5 runs, which vary in difficulty from a black run to beginner slopes, a Freestyle Zone and a Snow Park. And since they provide a rent service, it is not even necessary to bring your own ski equipment.

Snowfun Park

The Snowfun Park is one of the largest indoor skiing resorts in Europe. It is located just 30 minutes east of Hamburg and 90 minutes north of Berlin. The main slope is 330m long and 80m wide and it offer plenty activities to ensure a great family holiday or trip.


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