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Dating Faux Pas

There’s a lot of pressure involved with dating – especially in the beginning of friend finder. The most crucial time for any new couple is the first date. This is often a make-or-break meeting. You know it. They know it. In all likelihood, everyone around you will know it by the strange way you’re acting around one another. The sweat is forming on your forehead. Your date is looking around nervously. Conversation is coming in confused chunks. And just when you think things can’t get any worse, you commit one or more of the following five faux pas!

Intoxication is anything but endearing. Sure, you can easily see how you could be rattled during your first meeting, but loosening yourself up with liquor isn’t the answer. Feel free to have a glass or two, but keep it under control. Take it easy on the first date and you won’t have to worry about the many downsides of excessive drinking.

There is something beautiful about four letter words that other terms just can’t convey. Still, first dates require your best behavior and a bad case of potty mouth will only count against you.

It may have been a while since the last time you copped a good feel but date one isn’t the time to relieve the need. Keep your hands to yourself if you know what’s good for you.

A bad case of ADD will sink your ship. Restaurant staff, passersby and even the goldfish in the aquarium over your dates shoulder may be riveting, but your interest should be on one person and one person only. Look into their eyes – and keep looking!

Yep, even this can be a bad move if not done correctly. In case you missed it, conversation requires two people. Great conversation comes in equal parts from both parties. Talk too much or too little and you’re missing out on what a first date is all about.

Keep those five areas under control and you’re bound to have better luck on your dates!

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