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Dating The Boss

It is always nice to meet people who like to play with fire. You are clearly that type. Frinend Dating your boss is like playing Russian Roulette. You’ve loaded your six-shooter with one bullet and now you roll the chambers hoping to not get caught. Some would call this kind of fun extremely stupid. Yet here you are, checking out this article that deals with a very dangerous situation. Dating your boss is a great idea right up until someone pulls the trigger.

Anyone who is looking to date his or her boss needs to ask one important question: why? Its the same question everyone needs to ask themselves when they’re looking to date anyone, but its extra special when dating your boss. You can date anyone for any reason, but its a different game when that person controls your paycheck. Its fine if you get together, things develop and you get married and live a life of bliss. That’s what you’re looking for, right? It is possible that you end up that way, but its not something you want to bet on. The vast majority of relationships end in disaster even marriages are as likely to work out as not. If you’re only looking for something casual, there are other considerations, too. What if they suddenly want something serious and you cant give them that? What if they end up dating someone else from work or you do? There are a lot of areas where tragedy can strike and hurt you the most by crippling both your heart and your bank account in one quick motion. Make sure you have a good enough why before you begin dating your boss.

Coworkers are funny people and they have an interesting way of making up their minds about those they work with. Now imagine you were to come home from a long day at work and suddenly your dog wouldn’t come running to the door to greet you or even bark in your general direction. What if the refrigerator wouldn’t open, the shower only sprayed cold water and the alarm clock refused to wake you up? You wouldn’t feel too comfortable in your own home, would you? Most people spend half to most of their waking hours at work its a home away from home. Work is hard enough to drag yourself out of bed for each day let alone having to deal with former friends or acquaintances turning up their nose at you. Okay, fine, if this happens, these people weren’t worthy of your friendship anyway. But the point is that one way or another, any relationship you have with your boss will affect your work. Are you willing to sacrifice that for what could end up being a total disaster?

If you cant figure out how your parachute works, theres no use taking the leap.

Your boss controls what happens in a company. They generally give out raises and bonuses, assign tasks and determine your career path within that organization. Having someone like this in your pocket can go a long way. Ask yourself what your career goals are. How important are they to you? If things go south in this company, what options do you have? Its important to consider this when someone you’re about to have a relationship with can choose to help or hinder your growth in your field. Your boss is also the one who is supposed to write letters of recommendation so if you do find yourself on the street after your romance ends, you might find it difficult to get your next job. Keep your career in mind before you make any moves!

If you’ve decided that your why is strong enough to take a chance by dating your boss, you must have an escape plan. Having a way out is the smart play. Work on your contacts in the field. Bring them along. Let them know how good you are at what you do. Keep interested in what they’re doing. Keep that relationship! If you cant figure out how your parachute works there’s no use taking the leap.

You cant win a game of Russian Roulette unless you pull the trigger. You cant start a fire without a flame. And you cant find the man or woman of your dreams unless you get out there and date. If you cant find someone else besides your boss that looks like a good match, then go ahead and take a chance. Just make sure you understand the full scope of what you’re getting into. And just in case, its always a good idea to keep the paramedics on speed dial.

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