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Gsm Alarm System How It Works?

A security gsm alarm system consists of a control panel which functions as a central computer, receiving messages from a number of sensors that act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the system.


If the gsm alarm system is ‘armed’ and a signal is received by the panel it automatically dials an AMC via a built-in telephone communicator.  A trained operator then dispatches a security patrol or alerts the appropriate authorities.

Keypads located near common entry doors allow you to control the system.  A number of products make up a system and generally include:

•    Magnetic contacts to protect doors and windows that open
•    Glassbreak sensors to protect windows and glass doors
•    Motion sensors to detect movement within a defined area
•    Panic switches that can be manually operated
•    Sirens and sounders to sound an alarm in your home
•    Smoke detectors to detect smoke and fire

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