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How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?


To start a successful marketing campaign on Facebook, one first needs to understand how the ads work. Having done this, one then moves on to designing the ads and targeting the audience. A crucial step to remember here is setting up the budget to determine how much one will spend on Facebook advertising. Most entrepreneurs would be glad to know that one could spend as little as their budget could support.

Facebook Ads Pricing

One first chooses a currency for their account (depending on billing preferences) in addition to a time zone so that the system understands when the campaign starts and when it ends. The campaign name and a daily/lifetime budget are then set according to the merchant’s preference. One decides how much they’re going to spend for running ads and how their budget will be managed.

If one sets a daily budget, then the ads will only be displayed during the validity period. For a lifetime budget however, the ads stop showing when the budget is met. The running period is set by scheduling the campaign’s kick-off date and start time along with the corresponding end date and time. It’s also possible to have the campaign run continuously. Facebook offers suggestions on how much one should bid for each option.

One can choose between CPM and CPC. CPM literally translates to cost per mille, which is the cost paid for every 1000 impressions. Every time an ad is displayed to a Facebook user, it counts as an impression, irrespective of click rate. CPC stands for cost per click, which is how much one pays for a click on the ad. Here, the platform suggests bidding a price that would enable one win the auction among other similar campaigns. One could still raise their maximum bid to become more competitive. It’s important to keep in mind that the amount payable will be that required to win the auction, which is likely to be less than what one sets as the maximum bid. By multiplying the number of clicks one is aiming for by the CPC, one can estimate the amount they’ll be spending daily.


Cost per click tends to work well when one knows their conversion rate because they can set a budget that will guarantee success. Cost per mille is more suitable when ads are compelling and have the potential to attain high click through rates. One could also pause their campaign so that it only runs when it can reach higher impression rates.


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