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How To Find A Ljubljana Hostel

Even the most experienced traveler may be daunted by having to find lodging in a completely unfamiliar country. If you have not yet traveled to Europe, much less to Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, consider this advice for finding a Ljubljana hostel that fits your needs. No hostel is created equal, as you probably are already aware.


Get online and research the facilities available before anything else. If only just to get a perspective on pricing and services, as well as what to expect from the city itself, the internet is a great educational resource for even the most well-seasoned traveler. Large, international travel websites such as can help you view and book hostels in advance. Other websites deal with hostels specifically. and are great resources for comparing prices, checking out amenities, determining locations, and finding out other crucial information. Another great aspect about these kinds of websites is the user commentary. You can get the advice of people who have already been guests at the Ljubljana hostel you are considering staying at, and find out in advance what its pros and cons happen to be. Many travelers have a tight budget, and allocating your money with the best of your ability is important, and will require all of the knowledge you can garner.

Ask questions, look for a variety of reviews, and remember to be wary of hostel owners or operators who may be “trolling” with reviews to artificially inflate the hostel’s reputation or review p

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