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We’re used to living in an age where digital media streams to us at the speed of a mouse click. We grasp and digest what we see then quickly move off on the next thought or idea we have. Enter online dating services. Online dating sites have surfaced to serve one of the basic needs of life – love. These sites look to connect us with others who share similar interests, backgrounds or geography. Here’s a quick news flash for you: you need to build your dating profile right in order to compete with the throng of other singles online. Yep, it’s true that the bulk of people are busy rushing through profiles at the speed of light and your picture and profile only have a few seconds to attract the attention of the right guy or gal. Here’s what to consider when building a great Internet dating profile.

First on the list of things to tackle is your picture. This is a very specific choice for the first item. People look at pictures first and barely anyone looks at profiles that don’t have them. Leave whatever opinions you have about this type of selective scrutiny at the door. Physical attraction is as important as any other characteristic you can name and you can probably tell within seconds if you’re attracted to someone from his or her picture whereas it may take days, hours or years to see if you’re intellectually or emotionally compatible. If you’re looking to try Internet dating, you need good photos. You’ll need a good close-up of your face and you’ll need one of your whole body at the very least. You’ll only get responses from friendrfinder attracted to you if you post quality pictures. You may lose those same people if it looks like you’re pictures are blurry or are too small and appear to be deceptive. If finding love is important to you, take the time to do it right. Buy a digital camera if you have to. You can’t complain about mediocre results if you haven’t done your best to find photos that people will want to see.

“Company is coming and it’s because you spent extra effort on your personals profile!”

The second most important thing is your profile. There are a number of things to keep in mind when writing an Internet dating profile. First off, make sure to keep it positive. Talk about you, who you are and what you are looking for. Going on about what you don’t want is a waste of space and poor form. It’s also important to keep it real. Don’t make things up that aren’t true or are misleading. The person you end up with will see right through you and probably leave you the second they think you’ve lied. Try and be creative. If you’re not sure what I mean, start by reading other profiles. Find some that you like and try and see how they were able to catch your attention. Never steal, but feel free to borrow! Finally, spell check everything you write before putting it on the Internet. Your profile is a reflection of who you are and if you have made spelling mistakes, you’re wasting a chance to make a perfect first impression.

Use something catchy for your profile title. People may not read too much into whatever you write there, if the site you’re on even allows titles, but a great title can be enough to make someone stop all by itself. Stay away from clichés and other over-used titles. I swear, if I read another “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” headline, I’m going to crack! Put some original spin into your title and you’ll be surprised at whose attention you’ll grab.

Those are the three major areas involved in creating your Internet dating profile. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Write it well and you can start warming up your bed. Company is coming and it’s because you spent extra effort on your personals profile!

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