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Learn Strength Training Excercises

Strength training helps you loose weight and keeps your body strong. It is important to understand the basic concepts of strength training to get the mot out of it. Lifting weight will boost metabolism, because muscle burns more calories than non muscle so increasing them increase the calories you burn.

Some basic concepts

Lift and lower your weights slowly – If momentum is needed too much weight is being lifted. Swinging the weighs for momentum will cause injury. 

Breathe – Do not hold your breath, your body needs the oxygen. 

Stand up strait – Engage the abs with each movement to protect the back. The abs are core muscles that help to stabilize the back. Not engaging the abs can lead to back injury. 

Beginners should chose 8 – 12 exercises to start with and at least one for each muscle group. These groups are: chest; back; shoulders; biceps; triceps; quadriceps; hamstrings; calves and abdominals. Start the workout with the large muscle groups and work toward the small groups. Do 8-12 reps for muscle strength and 10 – 15 for endurance. Most people do 3 -5 sets of reps per workout.

 Rest between exercises – higher intensity exercises require more rest than lighter exercises.

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