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Maribor Slovenia

Maribor is the second largest city of the country of Slovenia. The city has been designated the 2012 European Capital of Culture and will be the home of XXVI 2013 Winter Universiade as well as the European Youth Capital.

Maribor appears in recorded history in the 12th century. The city was subject to attack by the Turks, and then governed by the Austrian Hapsburgs until after the close of World War I. Maribor came under Yugoslavian control after a power dispute with the Austrians, and the Germans dominated the area during World War II and became an independent country in 1991.

XXVI 2013 Winter Universiade Maribor 2013

Maribor Synagogue was built in the 1200s and is one of the oldest in Europe. It is found in the Jewish square and is home to cultural pursuits, displays and symphony concerts.

The Old Vine, oldest grapevine in the world

The Old Vine, oldest grapevine in the world, is recognized by the Guinness Book of records. It is a popular tourist attraction and part of the Old Vine Festival.

Vinag Wine Cellar has many varieties of superb wine. Pohorje is a mountain centre known for winter sports and mountain climbing. 

Adrenaline Park is a centre for sports including summer sledding, Bike Park and a high ropes course.




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