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Premiere Destination: Hotel Ljubljana Slovenia

Normal 0 21 false false false SL X-NONE X-NONE Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, a small country and a member of the European Union. In order to appreciate the beauty of Ljubljana there is a need to introduce the geographical location of Slovenia in relation to other more familiar destinations. For example, Slovenia is at the crossroads of some of the major European trade routes. The country is bordered by Italy to the West, Hungary to the Northeast, Austria to the North, and Croatia to the South. Slovenia is a beautiful country because of famous geographical landmarks that converge on the territory such as the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Carpathian Basin. One can just imagine the view from the capital.

Ljubljana is a picturesque city where the alpine and karst landscapes meet and provide a nice backdrop for photographers, sightseers, painters, and nature lovers to enjoy. The rustic charm of ancient houses, traditional restaurants, village churches and medieval castles is made more pleasant by the hospitality of the local inhabitants.


For sports enthusiasts there is a world-class ski center located in the Kamnik Alps. For amateur historians there is also the oldest dairy herdsmen settlement in Europe. For spelunkers there are numerous subterranean caves to explore. For hikers and adventurers there is the mysterious forest of the Polhov Gradec. For those who just want to have a good time, there is nothing that could excite a jaded traveler more than an old castle located on a hill. For those who want a non-conventional travel tour try the Ljubljana Marshes, an area known for rare animal and plant species.

There are various activities that can be had at Ljubljana and surrounding municipalities because of the diversity of the culture and landscape. But after a hectic day of fun and adventure it is best to rest at a premiere destination for sophisticated travelers called Hotel Ljubljana Slovenia.

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