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Slovenian food comes from the ancient culture of Slovenia

The biggest influences have come from Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy, and these cultures mixing with the people of Slovenia have made Slovenian food what it is today. Much of traditional Slovenian food is difficult to digest being composed of fattening and high protein ingredients like mushrooms, beans, butter, pork, bacon, lard, and dairy products. Mushrooms are especially popular. National Slovenian foods, offer some truly delicious dishes. Here are some fine cuisine choices from Slovenia:


Gibanica (rolled cake)

This bread is made of thinly rolled dough spread with a cream, egg, cheese curd filling and formed into a spin roll.

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This dish is a formed pork meat, polenta and herb ball stored in netting.


Certainly, traditional Slovenian cuisine and influences from neighbouring countries and beyond help to make up contemporary Slovenian food.


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