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The flag features

The flag, as with most other flags has its own identity, significance, and history.

The flag features three equal horizontal bands of white, blue, and red, which runs from top to bottom. The flag is typically sized on width to length ratio of 1:2. There is also a logo of the Slovenian coat of arms found between the white and blue bands. The coat of arms is a shield depicting the tallest peak of Slovenia  Mount Triglav coloured in white on a blue background, with wavy lines at the bottom.

Both the tri-colour and the coat of arms have unique histories. The group was led by the famous activist Lovro Toman.

Similarly, the Slovenian coat of arms did not exist as a distinct identity.

All throughout history, Slovenia has always been part of one empire or another. The Slovenian flag is quite similar to the Russian and Slovakian flags. 


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