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Why You Need Consistent Ski Exercise

If you have not developed a ski exercise program, you should strongly consider doing so. Most sports that don’t necessarily go all year usually involve consistent training. Even though skiing has a relatively short season, you should still train for it. There are a few reasons why.

Injury Prevention

Skiing is great in a fitness sense because it is essentially a full body workout. Think about your day. Chances are that you do not work your entire body like you do when you are skiing. Even being moderately active means some muscles will be skipped over. Weak and inflexible muscles can easily become injured. All it takes is a small sprain or strain to ruin your ski holiday. These injuries can take weeks to heal, which eliminates a good chunk of your season. By keeping your muscles strong and flexible, these injuries can be avoided.


Increased Endurance

Skiing is a lot of work. If you are not used to that kind of exercise, you might tire out physically before you are mentally ready to do so. More endurance means additional time on the slopes. Most people plan on spending the entire day skiing. But if it has been months since you exercised, after just a few hours your legs will start to feel worn out and wobbly. This is when injuries are most likely to happen. Build your cardio so you can truly enjoy a day of skiing.


Effective Training

The movement used in skiing is unlike anything else. You do not work the same way by jogging, cycling, or even doing total body exercises. People who are serious about skiing choose programs and exercise equipment specific to the sport. An example is the Ski Simulator. This machine replicates the exact movement you use out on the slopes.


Ski exercise needs to be done all season. You will prevent injury and build your endurance, both of which make your hobby far more enjoyable. Consider adding specified workouts and exercise equipment to your training program.

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