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Discover Skopje, Discover Macedonia!

Europe has many wonderful secrets in the form of lesser known, but tranquil and equally beautiful countries. Macedonia is one such example. People read about Macedonia in textbooks, being one of the oldest civilizations in history, but seeing it in all its glory in the contemporary age is quite a different thing. You have the ruins, yes, but most importantly, the intact and preserved culture of a proud and culturally-rich country. Discovering Macedonia would inevitably lead you to its capital city — Skopje. Skopje is one of those cities where people find an eccentric blend of the old and the new, with landmarks dating back to the 15th century. Amidst the new fountains and the bridges are the Kameni Most, an old Turkish Bazaar and decades-old churches. Book your flights to Skopje and Macedonia and feel your soul getting lost in this city turned time-machine.

History is very much alive in this small Macedonian capital, with remnants of old ruins and structures which have succeeded the test of time. You can go to the Sveti Spas Church, the Tvrdina Kale Fortess or the church of St. Panteleimon. When you are done discovering these amazing products of prehistoric architecture, Skopje can introduce you to more contemporary infrastructures as well. Museums built in recent years show the country’s art collection and notable archaeological find. Walking through this dynamic city with a laid-back vibe will leave you thirsting for more. In such a beautiful and serene country, one can only marvel at the struggles it had gone through.

Of course, one must never forget the food! The local cuisine is exciting and new, especially for tourists! Visit Restaurant Pelister and order some Pivnica An, or go visit Kaj Pero for some Kebapcilnica Destan. Indeed, Skopje is one of those cities that satisfy not only your eyes and spirit, but also your stomach! Flights to Skopje will have you tasting delicacies with recipes perfected from ages ago!

Discover the secrets of Europe and its interesting history through the trails it leaves in these beautiful countries. Satisfy your intellectual vigor, your palate and your soul all the same time! What are you waiting for? Book your flights to Skopje now! The laid-back streets, the old bazaars and prehistoric structures are all waiting for you!


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